Our actions in 2018 and what it will be in 2019

Communication from the team ITD

Our actions in 2018 and what it will be in 2019

ITD Romania (asociatia pentru Integrare Teritoriala si Dezvoltare) was created in december 2014 by french ONG ITD Monde. From 2011, ITD Monde was working on the cooperation between Lyon Metropole and Tinca municipality. In 2013, this partnerschip made it possible to build a social center who was donate to the romanian municipality. ITD Monde was chosen to manage the activities of this public social facility. To make it easier, ITD Monde founded ITD Romania.

At the very beginning in october 2015 with a delegation of Lyon Metropole and the mayor of Tinca

In 2018, ITD Romania had 3 projects to lead as part of the multifonctional center of Tinca:

1/ Educational and afterschool activities to tackle school dropping and improve early social intergation of roma young students

–>Afterschool for 25 children in school time

–>Summer camp in july and august for up to 30 children

–>This activity was closed at th end of september 2018

Summer Camp in august 2018

2/ Home renovation to improve living conditions and support families in their home construction project (technical advice, co-financing of materials)

–>30 families helped in 2018

–>7.500 euro of co-financing for materials

–>188 days of workforce financed (3 people)

–>40 days of architects

–>123 days of technical manager

–>This activity ends at the end of november

Renovation team in a work site in july 2018

3/ Everyday help and support with free public bath, laundry and living conditions in the neighbourhood (garbage, sanitation)

–>40 unic beneficiaries a month for laundry and bath

–>20 families helped in 2018 with fourniture for their home

–>A garbage store created with the community and 6 months paid taxes for garbage collect

Garbage storage in december 2018

For all that, in 2018, our team was composed of 10 peoples. We had a budget of 110.000 euros for 2018. But at the end of the year, without any good perspectives for 2019, we had to end all of the contracts. ITD Monde had to stop all their activities at the end of december 2018 because they didn’t had sufficient foundings to continiue. That is why ITD Romania had also to cease all further activities in 2019.

That is why we are working in this early 2019 to organize the transition for the multifonctionnal center with a new local organisation for the management of the activities towards the roma community. We will chose in june 2019 who will be the new manager of this very precious building for the community!

What we wish for this new head of this social center:

  • An organsiation with already a sufficient staff of professionnals in social servicies
  • A minimum of 3 years of financial reports
  • A capacity to find and manage european founds
  • A strong will to improve the integration of roma people and lots of innovative and new ideas for that!

We are at your entire disposal to discuss with you about these perspectives:
–>contact (at) itdromania.org

The multifonctionnal center in november 2018

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