June 26, 2017


About Us

Association for Territorial Integration and Development ITD (ITD Romania) is a nongovernmental organization, nonprofit and apolitical, involved in the social field. Our organization actively fights against poverty, supporting the social and economic inclusion of the most disadvantaged social groups of people. Our team develops interdisciplinary and integrated models and programs of intervention to address social needs of disadvantaged groups and communities, to increase their standard of living and a better participation in the social and economic life.

The organization was created as a collaboration between The Metropolis Grand Lyon, France, and the Community of Tinca. The partnership between the two communities came after the identification of a social problem, the large influx of Roma people who formed small communities in the districts of Lyon, France, living in poor condition,s with little chance of social integration.

Our organization is involved in developing local communities and supports the local administration and public institutions, through concrete actions of cooperation and partnership, nationally and within the European Union, engaging in this process our network of experienced professionals in social action.


An inclusive society.


Fight against poverty and support social inclusion.


Social and economic development of local communities and dissemination of the results at European level.



Meeting the immediate needs of the community.

  • Improving living conditions for people in social exclusion through housing renovation;
  • Organizing practical training programs in communities ;
  • Improving local infrastructure – intervene in matters of sanitation, access, and security of public space;
  • We offer products and tools to help the community residents in everyday life (clothing, furniture, borrow the professional tool for repairs );

Supporting the local development through sustainable solutions.

  • Local communities development by promoting local development policies by providing access to persons in social exclusion to goods and public services at the same level with the majority of the population;
  • growth and employment through the creation of social economy structures;
  • Organize training courses and literacy;

Research and studies in disadvantaged communities and disseminate the information at European level.

  • Making studies for a more realistic understanding of disadvantaged communities and their potential for development;
  • Development practical cooperation in social inclusion through the transnational transfer of data and local experiences to promote inclusion of people in terms of social, educational and labor market.
  • transforming the obtained information in writing an innovative policy with a national and transnational appliance.

Multifunctional Social Center

Multifunctional Social Center opened in 2013, built in partnership with Metropole Grand Lyon France and the Community of Tinca. At the inauguration of the center participated representatives of the partners involved in project implementation: Metropole Grand Lyon France, Association Villes en Transition – ITD Monde, France, City Hall of Tinca, Bihor County Council, Ruhama Foundation and Romanian and French press.

The activities of the center are addressed to people in social exclusion, both children, and adults, aiming to improve the social integration, employment and access to education.


The program comes as a response to the high dropout rate and low rate of school attendance of children from Roma families, which in the village Tinca is a percentage of 64.16%. The afterschool program is organized into two groups, in the first group are the children of the classes I-IV and in the second group of children classes V-VIII. The educational activities are organized under the guidance of two teachers. Children also benefit from a daily lunch, school supplies, and clothing.

The activities in the program follow:

  • improving school situation;
  • preventing early school leaving;
  • prepare children for life and build self-confidence;
  • developing networking skills and communication;
  • stimulating creativity and solve problems;
  • encouraging the desire to learn throughout life.

Public bath

In the Multifunctional Social Center from Tinca is a space designed for socially disadvantaged people to do their personal hygiene and wash their clothing. The washing machines and showers are use free of charge. The aim is to help beneficiaries to improve access to employment, social life and increase school attendance of children.

Every day there are about 10 to 15 beneficiaries that are using the showers and around 10 families that daily wash their clothes with the washing machines provided. The public bath is open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 17:00.

Summer school program

The program runs during the summer, along with different local partners, with the support of the City Hall from Tinca and is designed for children from socially disadvantaged families. The program is organized in daily workshops which aims to improve knowledge, develop practical skills, fostering creativity, problem-solving and improving self-esteem. The program is conducted under the guidance of educators and volunteers.

Informing events

Facilitate access to information for the Roma community is important for us and we organize information events with the support of local partners.The theme of the event is determined according to the needs identified in the disadvantaged community.

Improving the quality of life program

Homes renovation program

The project developed in partnership with ITD Monde-France and “Abbe Pierre” Foundation France, which aims to improve the lives of socially disadvantaged people by renovating homes with high levels of degradation.

Renovation work is done with a team of 4 Roma people, that have been formed through a practical program, where guided by a local trainer have acquired the necessary experience to achieve renovations.

By December 2016 we renovated 53 houses in the Roma community from Tinca.

Electricity for all

One of the main problems of the Roma community in Tinca was the lack of electricity which prevents a normal life for people and children were forced to do homework by candlelight.

The Metropole Grand Lyon France and ITD Monde France invested in branching to electricity system 110 homes in the Roma community from Tinca.

Social Observatory program

The current situation of Roma in Romania was a highly disputed subject at national and at European level.

The European Commission considers that the situation of the Roma “is dominated by discriminations and social exclusion, poverty, unemployment, and prejudice.”

Because of these views at a national and European level, our organization wants to know in depth the reality of Roma in Romania.

Our team Romanian-French makes studies and research in Roma communities for an accurate and realistic identification of their economic situation, social situation, educational situation, employment, and migration.

The researchers have three arias:

  • Collection of data on a representative number of population;
  • Making a social observation in the studied communities ;
  • Conducting interviews with representatives of the local authorities, teachers, doctors, social workers, lawyer, etc. that a contribution in solving the social situation of the Roma people.
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